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ESE-pads - ESE servings - espresso servings

Koffiepads & ESE espresso servings

ESE espresso serving koffie verpakt (Easy Espresso Serving koffie)
ESE verpakt
ESE espresso ruim aanbod van merken en koffiesoorten ESE: Easy Espresso Servings
ESE ruim aanbod merken & soorten
ESE serving uit verpakking voor een lekkere, heerlijke en gemakkelijke espresso

Coffee pods are pre-packaged ground coffee in their own filter.

Making coffee or espresso with coffee pods is easy and clean. Philips made a major breakthrough with its Senseo coffee machine using their own sized coffee pods. of With coffee pods you think maybe the Senseo, but here we mean the use of ESE pods in real espresso machines. ESE stands for Easy Serving Espresso. A path is a pre-packaged ESE espresso coffee that you can use for your espresso machine (not all espresso machines offer the possibility to use ESE espresso pods).

An ESE espresso serving contains the line 7 - 11gr fresh roasted espresso and freshly ground espresso coffee is made ​​under optimal conditions. Of great importance is that the ESE espresso serving individually wrapped.

The espresso coffee in an ESE serving fresh therefore, contains the full coffee aroma and provides in principle a standard (constant quality) espresso off.

Besides the above advantages, there is a generous supply of ESE pods, so it is always possible for you to find suitable and delicious serving.

For the purists an ESE serving maybe not the most ideal base for an espresso, but as previously stated, many ESE pods of high quality and the ESE espresso in the family circle to match you will have to make trouble. Conditions for homemade espresso is freshly roasted and freshly ground (in a clean coffee grinder in the correct fineness!) And an appropriate amount in the coffee holder. This requires some discipline and apprenticeship

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